Techbau S.p.A. head office, Castelletto Sopra Ticino (NO) – Italy

Techbau S.p.A. provides construction, construction management and civil engineering services worldwide. Operating as a General Contractor, Techbau S.p.A. delivers tailor-made solutions to industry and the service sector by means of our international team of experienced and qualified specialists, who are able to plan and execute a full range of technologically advanced engineering and construction projects.

Techbau S.p.A. was established in 1997 as Co-ver Edile, a company belonging to the Co-ver Group, a national and European group operating in the field of industrial plants and construction; then in 2010, following an internal reorganization, the company was sold to Techint Engineering and Construction part of the Techint Group, an Italian multinational firm that provides engineering and construction services at a global level; this last step constituted further growth for all Techbau S.p.A. personnel who were faced with finding solutions to complex projects and dealing with clients of diverse cultures and backgrounds. In December 2013 Techbau S.p.A. gained total autonomy from the Techint Group and currently operates as an independent, qualified and international General Contractor.

Techbau S.p.A.’s growth has been so fast and important to be recognized by the Financial Times, resulting in the insertion among the 1000 companies in Europe which reached the highest increase in revenues for the year 2018.