Techbau S.p.A. has adopted the BREEAM system, acronym Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method for buildings. BREEAM is a protocol for the certification of sustainability in construction, which aims to increase the sustainability of new buildings, by means of a system that quantifies and ensures higher respect for the environment and the interior comfort of the building.
Techbau S.p.A. has always considered the attainment and maintenance of specific standards of quality assurance, as a strategic element: thanks to the new BREEAM certification it has become possible to ensure the environmental load of a building, a factor which is now implemented as a reference standard by the main European players of the retail construction market.
Working with a such system Techbau S.p.A. covers a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues, which enable it to ensure investors and designers of the environmental credentials of the buildings.
There will be, therefore, structures with reduced energy consumption and running costs, resulting in higher value and visibility of the property, along with noticable improvement in the performance of the occupants, thanks to healthy and more comfortable surroundings.