LEED Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is a system of building certification originating in the United States in 1993. The LEED standard, which is now used in over 140 countries throughout the world, specifies procedures which should be followed in order to build in a sustainable manner, taking into consideration the whole life cycle of the building project and all its phases, right from the design stage, up to and including energy and other environmental resources utilized during its realization, use, management and eventually demolition. LEED certification is an internationally recognized standard which guarantees a building to be environmentally friendly and that it is a healthy place to live and work. It also provides an impartial measurable standard to the market regarding the quality of the product. Techbau S.p.A. is able to manage a LEED project in its entirety. In order to obtain LEED certification, large-scale integrated and coordinated planning is imperative and consists in the verification by a third party of all LEED criteria and procedures to ensure that they have been complied with throughout the design and construction process. On completion of a LEED Certified Project, a plaque is supplied in order that it may be affixed to the building to inform the public of the superior quality achieved, the considerable savings in operating and management costs, and an improved quality of life guaranteed for future occupants.