Techbau S.p.A. is certified for the execution of public works, as issued by Northern Alps SOA S.p.A. and valid at national level, which qualifies the company to carry out the type of works specified in the table below.

Cat. Description Class
OG1 Design and construction of civil and industrial buildings VIII
OG3 Roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, subways IV-BIS
OG6 Aqueducts, pipelines, oil pipelines, irrigation and drainage IV
OS1 Ground works III-BIS
OS3 Plumbing works, kitchen, laundries III
OS4 Lifts and conveyors I
OS6 Finishing of general works in wood, plastic, metal and glass III-BIS
OS7 Finishing of general civil works III-BIS
OS24 Greenery and street furniture II
OS28 Heating and air conditioning III-BIS
OS30 Internal electrical, telephone, radio and television sistems IV