STI – Coca Cola

Nogara (VR) Italy

Customer TECHBAU S.p.A.
Start 2016
End 2017
Description Refurbishment and expansion of a logistics hub consisting of a 65,200 sqm warehouse (of which 31,000 sqm is additional construction, and 34,200 sqm is refurbished), complete with 68 loading bays and 1,200 sqm of office space. The new part of the complex is prefabbricated using vibrated reinforced concrete and pretensioned reinforced concrete, and contemplates a bac-acier type roof, and precast concrete and metal panel walling. The project includes MEP installation work, offsite work and all external work (Plot area measures 113,000 sqm). The building is LEED certified.
S.O.W. (Scope of Work) Development, Engineering, Procurement and Construction