Techbau S.p.A. presents itself as a sole interlocutor and General Contractor, providing specific know-how in all fields of operation, from finding the right area, to the various stages of contract negotiation, development of the land and permit negotiations, right up until the construction, carried out by means of Techbau’s specific skills in the design and management of construction in Italy and abroad. The company operates in the residential, commercial, industrial and renewable energy sectors in accordance with the most stringent standards for quality and safety.


Techbau S.p.A. analyzes the process of development from the perspective of the entrepreneur and focuses on the economic and financial feasibility, private citizens development of the land, ranging from the identification and evaluation of key scenarios relating to the planning, construction and management of economically feasible real estate projects. Techbau S.p.A. interacts, both in Italy and abroad, with all the individuals involved in the process, whether they be architects, banks, governments, private citizens, advisor or engineers, in order to obtain better and faster results.


Techbau S.p.A. offers a dedicated team of engineers, architects and highly skilled technicians for the management of the articulated design phase of the engineering works. During all phases, project engineers with proven experience guarantee a constant connection between customer needs and the implementation of projects. Attention dedicated to the customer relationship plays a fundamental role in the politics of Techbau S.p.A., and is the starting point of providing the best design solutions.

Project Management

Techbau S.p.A. is able to meet the specific needs of each project by organizing dedicated teams of specialists. The teamwork of the project managers, site managers and construction managers concentrates on the coordination of its workforce and subcontractors, in order to optimize the realization of the project. The primary objective of Techbau S.p.A. Project Management is to organize resources inside and outside the company and to control all the economic and timeline aspects of the project, from the beginning to delivery of the site. This phase includes procurement, safety, quality and planning which permit the execution and correct progress of the work.


Techbau S.p.A. maintains a strong emphasis on the importance of planning throughout the design, engineering and construction phases, from initial consultation through to handover of the finished project.
As planning is an essential link between the engineering and execution stages, we employ a dedicated team of specialists to monitor operation times and costs. The planning process is followed up by a process of continuous monitoring, the feedback from which then becomes an important element for fine-tuning and revising the planning. This process is supported by integrated IT systems which help to standardize procedures as well as ensuring flexibility and compatibly with the project schedule of works.

Procurement & Expediting

Rigorous procurement procedures assure that Techbau S.p.A. selects suppliers and partners who are able to comply with the highest quality and efficiency standards.
The company purchases only certified materials and products which meet international quality standards. The natural completion of procurement is expedition: quality control, procurement supervision during the construction, and cross-function information sharing are essential to achieve project goals and guarantee near to maximum safety levels.


The construction phase brings all the organizational responsabilities involved in the previous stages of the project together. On-site operations are undertaken by a team of experienced construction managers, site managers, technicians and skilled workers. Techbau S.p.A.’s extensive experience, combined with an emphasis on delivering projects on time and on budget whilst remaining within the framework of eco-compatibility and health and safety standards, are the hallmarks of our approach. This approach enables us to successfully deliver a finished product of the highest possible standard in terms of functionality and quality of construction and finishes, and deliver the project on schedule and within budget.

Property and Facility Management

The activity of “Property and Facility Management” offered by Techbau S.p.A. has as its objectives, in addition to the maintenance of buildings in full efficiency standards, also the improvement and development of value the buildings and/or property assigned to be managed; all of which upon completion of services normally provided such as engineering and construction.
Energy Management and Maintenance provide its customers with the following services:

  • operation and maintenance of structures, facilities and equipment aiming at constant improvement of their efficiency;
  • insurance and guarantee of every aspect especially regarding health, safety and the environment;
  • managing partners and suppliers for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance;
  • coordination and management of external consultants, companies and public institutions in the management of:
    a) utilities, with particular attention to all energy aspects of the building;
    b) financial advice concerning movable and immovable assets related to the property;
    c) Due Diligence, on technical / administrative / technological state of buildings and properties.