Our method

1 Land Search and Acquisition

Land Search and Acquisition

Land Search and Acquisition : Evaluation of development opportunities by examining market trends, supply and demand, economic growth rates, and demographic forecasts. 

Site Identification: Identification of land or properties with development potential based on criteria such as location, size, accessibility, and local regulations. 

Negotiation and Acquisition: Negotiation for the purchase of land or properties, managing negotiations, and finalizing the acquisition. 

2 Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Concept Design: Development of the project and definition of the intended use and key features. 

Collaboration with Professionals: Dedicated team of architects, engineers, urban planners, and other consultants to create detailed project plans. 

Permits and Authorizations: Obtaining building permits and necessary authorizations in compliance with urban and building regulations. 

3 Project Financing and Construction

Project Financing and Construction

Financial Plan: Creation of a detailed financial plan that includes the project budget, construction cost estimates, operating costs, and revenue projections. 

Investor Search: Securing financing through bank loans, private investors, real estate investment funds, or other capital sources. 

Financial Management: Monitoring costs and managing cash flow throughout the project lifecycle. 

Construction & Work Supervision: Execution of construction works, monitoring the budget and schedule with the required quality standards. 

Subcontractor Management: Coordination of specialized subcontractors.  

4 Rental & Sale

Rental & Sale  

Marketing Plan: Development of a marketing strategy to promote the project, including advertising, promotional events, open houses, and digital marketing. 

Sales and Leasing: Selling or leasing the units, working with real estate agents, and using contact networks to reach potential clients. 

Project Presentation: Creation of promotional materials, such as brochures, websites, 3D models, and presentation videos to attract investors and buyers.

Customer Handover: Delivering the units to clients, providing all necessary documentation (operating manuals, warranty certificates, etc.). 

Post-Handover Services: Post-handover support for clients, addressing any questions or issues, and ensuring their satisfaction. 



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