About us

About us

Techbau positions itself on the market as a single point of contact and General Contractor, undertaking projects in various fields of civil engineering and infrastructure.
Techbau works in the residential, tertiary, industrial, logistics, data center and renewable energy sectors, complying with the highest quality and safety standards.
Founded in 1997, over the years Techbau has undergone an evolution that has allowed it to extend its expertise and employ an ever-increasing number of highly skilled professionals

Our values. Our mission. 

Our mission is a journey shared with customers and collaborators, from conception to realisation of each project.

1 Organisation


Techbau’s rapid growth in realising complex projects suggests that understanding the business model is an essential component of successful portfolio management. A combination of requirements such as sustainability, cost efficiency, timing, new materials, procedures, digitalisation, and a new generation of players/consultants looks set to transform Techbau; forecast data suggests continuous and rapid company growth.

2 Availability of resources

Availability of resources

The standardisation of technical solutions is aimed at reducing costs and time, increasing production and innovation efficiency and increasing the reliability of the solutions provided. When it comes to undertaking projects in distant locations, knowledge of the local market (suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors, etc.) is essential to reduce costs, shorten timelines and increase performance. The objectives are to promote sustainable procurement and support the growth and economy of local communities.

3 Professional guarantee

Professional guarantee

Identifying, training and developing talent is a key component of successful human resources management. At Techbau, the talent management scheme is used for all personnel who have demonstrated talent and goodwill. Techbau acquires most of its skills from its construction sites. Learning lessons from the past and implementing new projects helps Techbau avoid the possibility of recurring mistakes, increase its performance for stakeholders and enhance its competitiveness. Parallel participation in parallel projects will be strengthened to broaden the range of experience and accelerate effective problem-solving approaches.

4 Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Collaboration is the basis of the relationship between customer and contractor. Working synergistically means meeting expectations and needs that will guarantee satisfaction for both parties. Key Account Management (KAM) is essential for the long-term sustainable growth of Techbau. Assessing priorities and requirements in order to create solutions that increase account switching costs is the main objective of the Techbau organisation. Improve responsiveness in crisis management, proactivity in stakeholder management and interactivity in stakeholder engagement.

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Head office Castelletto Sopra Ticino, NO, Italy

Overlooking the shores of Lake Maggiore, within a nautical shipyard, the office building was designed in collaboration with the illustrious Milanese architecture firm Piuarch. The design was defined to fit perfectly into the environmental context, both morphologically and in terms of the choice of materials. The mirrored glass fa├žades have a dual role: from the outside, they reflect the surrounding landscape, and from the inside, they provide great transparency and connection to the natural lake landscape, allowing for a highly qualitative use of the workspaces oriented towards the highest standards of well-being.

Central Italy Office Roma


Being WELL certified is synonymous with:

satisfaction, health, well-being and productivity.

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